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What Noises From Your Water Heater Mean, Part 3

In parts one and two of this multi-part blog series, we’ve gone over many of the sounds you might hear coming from your water heater and what these might mean. While certain water heater sounds are relatively common and may not indicate any problem, others could be signs of issues taking place that you need to consider repairs or replacements for.

At Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, we provide new water heater installations for models that have worn down past repair, or water heater repairs for those models that will benefit from it. In today’s final entry of our series, we’ll go over a few of the less common sound types you might hear from a water heater, including the sorts of sounds that may come from a modern tankless water heater if you’ve recently installed one.

Screeching or Screaming

If you’ve begun to hear a high-pitched noise that almost sounds like screaming or screeching from a steam engine, this is often an issue with one of several potential valves. Such valves are present on the heater and help direct water flow, but their openings may contract over time and cause water to attempt to squeeze through extremely small openings, creating the noise.

Some of the most common valves that lead to this issue:

  • T&P relief valve: Short for temperature and relief valve, this is an escape valve that lets water escape in situations where too much pressure is in the tank.
  • Inlet valve: In other cases, the inlet valve might not be completely open, limiting the amount of water that can flow through.
  • Lines and outlet valve: If neither of the above is the cause of the issue, water lines or the outlet valve could have kinks or other minor issues restricting water flow.

In any of these cases, call our plumbers for assistance.

Water Hammer Banging

If the water in your home is abruptly shut off for some reason, whether accidental or intentional, it may cause a loud banging or hammering sound. This sound, which is sometimes referred to as the Water Hammer, is due to water in the system having nowhere to go, and therefore flowing backward.

Water Hammer issues risk burst pipes and major water damage, and if enough pressure is present the tank itself might even be damaged. If you experience this issue even once, call our team for possible solutions.

Tankless Water Heater Sounds

So what about tankless water heaters? Because they do not have tanks like most other water heater models, their possible sounds are very different. You might sometimes hear pops or ticks, and clicks are also common when the heater turns itself on and off. In general, though, proper maintenance from our plumbers will prevent any unusual sounds from a tankless water heater.

For more on the noises you may hear from a tankless water heater, or to learn about any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the staff at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric today.