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Preventing a Plumbing Emergency

There will naturally be times where you’ll require emergency plumbing services, and Action Plumbing is here to help. We know there are certain plumbing repair problems that may arise and that are out of hand.

What you may not know, is how many plumbing issues are avoidable. The most common problems are usually those who could have been prevented with a few tweaks to basic habits and practices around the house. Let’s look at a few of the most important ones, and let’s see how you can help prevent a plumbing emergency.

Sink and Garbage Disposal
These items go hand in hand, and they require a balance in their use. Without enough use of the garbage disposal, you could find yourself dealing with clogs in your sink, plus a horrible buildup of stench.

Using the garbage disposal too much, can be just as harmful. The disposal isn’t meant for larger or thicker items, these should be thrown into a standard garbage bin. Food, oils and fats should never go down the garbage disposal either, as they can cause hardening in the drain.

Toilets are actually similar to garbage disposals, in that they shouldn’t have to flush specific items. Only toilet paper and bodily waste should go down that drain – not paper towel, not napkins, among others. Cotton balls should be thrown in the trash, as all other feminine hygiene products. The wrong use can cause major drain clogs, and expensive repairs.

Product Usage
It’s good to keep and use drain cleaning products, but again, overuse can be a serious problem. If you douse your drains in product every single time you have even a minor clog, you may cause corrosion and make things worse once there’s an actual, major buildup in place. Chemicals can also interfere with your septic tank, where all the bacteria that eats waste lives. These micro-organisms can be killed by cleaning chemicals, and believe it or not, this could result in a main line backup.

Hidden Pipes
This is a more minor concern, but for people who do lots of home improvement projects involving nails or drills, be sure to take care when hitting an area concealed by a wall. If you accidentally damage the pipes, you could create a whole new plumbing problem.

Want to know more about how you can maintain your plumbing from home, or in need of a full-service plumber? The experts at Action Plumbing are standing by to help you out!