Action’s Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Do you remember playing catch-up all summer on your home maintenance chores last year? Get ready for the season early with a home maintenance checklist from your premier Salt Lake City plumbing, heating, and cooling company: Action Plumbing.

Schedule your pre-season A/C tune-up
Just because your indoor air is cool, that doesn’t mean your A/C is running efficiently. When your cooling system operates as it should, you will save money on your utility bills.

Adjust your thermostat settings
With the change in seasons, be sure to check your thermostat settings and make the proper adjustments. We also suggest running your A/C over open windows to protect your home from pollen and other spring-time allergens.

Caulk and seal cracks
Keep your interior cool during the summer by sealing cracks in your window and floor panes.

Clean the gutters
You’ll need a proper drainage system to carry heavy rain away. Clean your gutters, so the water runs from your home and not towards it.

Inspect your roof for damage and clean stains
Winter storms can wreak havoc on your roof. Get a clear look at what is going on with binoculars or a high quality camera. Try to spot missing shingles, damaged pipes, or anything that doesn’t look quite right.

Check the basement foundation for leaks
Even if water isn’t dripping into your basement, the foundation may be porous enough to let fluid seep inside. If you notice wet marks, try a waterproofing paint.

Inspect your sump pump
Have Action Plumbing inspect your sump pump. These systems can single handedly protect your basement from flooding, but only when they are operating properly.

Inspect your fireplace and chimney
Our fireplace experts can make sure the chimney caps are in place, and the damper is functioning as it should. Try installing a draft stopper to reduce energy loss.

Check the sprinkler and irrigation systems around your home
Inspecting your outdoor water supply before summer will save you money and your plants! Watch for leaks and damaged water heads that will need to be replaced.

For assistance with any of these items, speak to the premier plumbing company of Salt Lake City. The Action technicians are standing by to assist you, so call (801) 833-3333 today!