Furnace Maintenance, Insulation and Fireplaces: Keep your Home Cozy for Less

Winters in Salt Lake City can seem even worse if you are keeping your home too cold. Sure, you’re saving money, but you could be in danger of having frozen pipes, if you your house is cooler than 55 degrees.

Stop suffering, and start getting cozy. Action Plumbing and Heating has insider secrets to keep your home at a comfortable temperature for less.

Furnace Maintenance
The first thing you should always check off your list is getting your furnace tuned-up for winter. A regular maintenance will keep your unit running efficiently and longer.

A programmable thermostat is guaranteed to save you money. These energy savers will regulate temperature based on when you’re home, asleep, or away. We suggest setting it a few degrees cooler than you’d prefer, and compensate with extra blankets and sweaters.

A cozy fireplace can make a cold room warm in just a few minutes. It also takes pressure off your furnace by maintaining your home’s temperature. It is important to remember to close the damper after each use, so heat doesn’t escape your house.

If you don’t currently have a fireplace, consider installing one. They add immediate value to your home, and every household should have one! If your home isn’t structured to support a traditional unit, Action has ductless ones that don’t require venting from a chimney.

Seal Leaks
We’ve talked about sealing leaks before, and we hope your home is now properly insulated to prevent heat loss. If not, take a look at our blog, and get to work!

Area Rugs
We like area rugs for two reasons: their ability to tie a room together, and the extra insulation they add during colder months. Rugs stop air from seeping up from the floors and prevent lowering the temperature in a room.

Ceiling Fans
Don’t be fooled in thinking ceiling fans are only for summer. By changing the rotation direction of the blades, you can direct warm downward and more effectively circulate the air around your home.

If you want to keep your home at a comfortable temperature -with furnace maintenance of a new fireplace-, call the expert technicians at Action today!