Central AC Maintenance

How Often Should Your Air Conditioner Get a Tune-up?

You’ll need to clean your coils and work on the unit’s motors yearly. If your unit does not receive attention annually, it might lose its efficiency. Regular maintenance doubles the lifespan of your unit and saves thousands of dollars on unprecedented installations and repairs.

Why do you need central ac tune-ups?

The hot, summer temperatures are just around the corner and your central ac should be prepared. Just like your exercise regime may be picking back up, your air conditioner has been in hibernation the last six months as well and will need some personal attention to get ready for the summer season. While Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric offers pre-season specials on A/C tune ups in Salt Lake City, Utah, there are a few maintenance items you can check first before making your bi-annual, tune-up appointment.

First, inspect, clean and change central air filters once a month. A dirty filter will increase your energy charges and cause long-term damage to your appliance. In some cases, warranties no longer pertain if regular maintenance hasn’t been completed on time and correctly. This is a crucial, inexpensive step not to miss. Piggy bank ac mistakes costing you money.

Secondly, examine all aspects of the central ac unit and clean any obvious dust and dirt before turning it on. This can be easily accomplished with your vacuum or a shop vac. Clean any sediment in the blower, ducts, and vents.

Once you turn your air conditioner on, listen for any abnormal noises. Search for unusual odors around the home. Check vents to make sure they are clear of debris and working properly. Last but not least, check that the temperature gauge is reporting correctly and adjust as needed.

Cap off your DIY maintenance check with an expert.

Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric keeps your system in good condition with routine tune-ups. Our central air services often entail thermostat tightening, refrigerant evaluation, condenser coil cleaning, and evaluation of refrigerant levels.

Central air conditioning is a lifesaver no matter what the season is in Salt Lake City, UT. Your AC unit promotes a comfortable atmosphere even during the warmest of seasons. That means fewer nights of discomfort and improved air quality!

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Perks of Having Central Cooling Systems

Here’s the first benefit of a central air system in Utah: it’s a quieter alternative to your window units. Instead of installing the fan and condenser near your window, they are situated outside your home. You won’t even hear it when the system turns.

Second, since the indoor air will pass through the filter, the air goes up. The unit’s filter catches the allergens and pollutants, making your indoor air safer and of better quality.

Finally, there’s nothing better than returning to a comfortable home after a long day of work or a hot summer outing. You deserve that welcome relief.

Whether it’s a dead of winter spell or a mid-summer heat wave, a fully-functional AC system keeps you and the family comfortable, which is why a sudden unit breakdown should never be an option.

Enjoy Comfortable Temperatures All Year-Round

Thinking about replacing your unit? Trust Action Plumbing, Heat, Air & Electric to install the best HVAC equipment on the market.

Central air installation in Utah is a job you leave to the professionals. The installation itself consists of many considerations and hundreds of connections, which can easily confuse homeowners who are attempting DIY fixes.

Our team maintains, services, and repairs all brands of central air conditioning units. Our technicians are familiar with troubleshooting malfunctioning models.

Scheduled Central AC Tune-Ups

While we wish maintaining your central air conditioner unit is that easy all the time, it is highly recommended by all manufactures to have your central air inspected and tuned up at least twice a year in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. This will ensure a long life span for the air conditioning system in providing your family with a cool, comfortable and efficient home.

One of the primary benefits of regular central ac tune-ups in Salt Lake City, Utah is cost-efficiency. Regular tune-ups ensure that your unit is in prime condition, which means breakdowns are less likely to happen in the future. This means fewer repairs— a relief to your wallet.

What’s Included in an AC Tune-up?

Every contractor has its own maintenance recommendations, but as a comprehensive central AC tune-up service provider in SLC, UT we conduct the following tasks:

  • Cleaning the blower fan and air handler
  • Replacing the air filter
  • Adjusting the blower belt
  • Lubricating pulleys, bearings and other components

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