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Boiler Repair & Maintenance in Salt Lake City

The ability to heat an area evenly is what sets a boiler apart from other heating systems. It heats up water, which it then disperses throughout the home via copper or PEX pipes. Many homeowners swear by the hydronic radiant heat it produces.

Because of the comfort it provides, your heating system should have only the most efficient boiler repair and maintenance service in Salt Lake City, so call on Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric when your system needs attention.

The Boiler Repair Services We Offer

Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric fixes your boiler problems so your home stays comfortable. Some issues we address include:

  • Switching Off – If a boiler keeps switching off, it’s a sign that there might be a blockage or faulty pump restricting water flow.
  • Low Boiler Pressure – Low pressure might signal a leak in the system or a faulty pressure relief valve. In some cases, water bleeding into the radiators keeps the boiler pressure lower than it should be.
  • No Pilot Light – This may mean there’s a faulty thermocouple stopping the gas supply from reaching the boiler.
  • Unreliable Thermostat – The work of the boiler depends largely on the thermostat’s readings. If it has lost its accuracy or reliability, the boiler won’t function properly.
  • Leaks – A pump seal may be broken, or the boiler pressure may be too high. If left unaddressed, a leak could lead to a cold home and corrosion of the pipes and tanks.
  • Kettling – A deposit of lime scale and sludge can block the water flow inside the heat exchanger, causing it to overheat and make noises.

Call our team today, and we’ll inspect your boiler for these issues. Additionally, we’ll check for other budding problems and recommend appropriate solutions.

Note that in some cases, boiler repair service in Salt Lake City isn’t enough to restore your boiler to working condition. You might be better off with a boiler replacement. Our technicians will assess your boiler (its performance, age, issues) and recommend the best option for your situation.

Keep Your Boiler in Working Order with Regular Maintenance & Service

Even if there’s nothing wrong with your boiler, it still needs to be inspected by technicians. Regular boiler maintenance service in Salt Lake City might be the difference between an optimally working boiler and a breakdown.

During a tune-up, our boiler technicians will:

  • Detect minor issues and fix them before they get worse.
  • Minimize the risk of major repairs and emergency services.
  • Inspect safety features and ensure they work.
  • Improve system efficiency, and by extension, performance and energy consumption.
  • Prolong your boiler’s life span.

We recommend scheduling tuneups between April and August, when you’re not using the boiler. This gives you plenty of time to prepare properly for the chilly months. Also, you avoid the rush. During fall, everybody wants their boilers inspected. Do it early, and you don’t have to rush with boiler repairs, especially if our technicians uncover a major problem.

Our tuneups include:

  • Checking the thermostat settings and resetting system specifications as needed
  • Checking electrical connections for safety and proper function
  • Looking for leaks in the vents, drafts and flues
  • Testing the boiler system for airflow
  • Checking for leaks and proper pump operation

Keep your boiler system in working condition. Contact us to schedule a boiler tuneup today.

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