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5 Benefits of a Preseason A/C Tune Up

5 Benefits of a Preseason A/C Tune Up

We have let you in on the benefits of a preseason A/C tune-up in days past, but we thought — given the season — you may need a refresher.

In Salt Lake City, the time between winter and summer is short. You only have a short window to shut down your heating system and prepare your cooling system for the season. We suggest getting your system ready early, so you can beat the crowds and avoid breakdowns midseason.

Here are a few more benefits of a preseason A/C tune-up:

1. Cut Your Cooling Costs
When summer is in full bloom, Salt Lake City can get down-right hot. While your A/C can usually handle cooling your home, it can get expensive if the unit isn’t efficient. During your preseason tune-up, your technician will optimize your system. That way your home can stay cool for less.

2. Lower Risk of Break Down
Have you ever had your A/C go out mid-summer? You would probably remember because you were likely sweltering from the heat! With a preseason tune-up, you don’t have to worry about breakdowns because your technician will ensure that your unit is capable of running all summer long — even on the hottest days.

3. Fewer Future Repairs
When your unit loses efficiency, it is more likely to break down or need expensive repairs. After a tune-up, the repairs you do require will be less severe or nonexistent because issues like part failure and air flow malfunctions would have been addressed during your preseason A/C tune-up.

4. Reliable System for Longer
If you want to prevent replacing your unit, you should have it serviced each season. By keeping the system in tip-top shape each year, you will increase its lifespan by a few years.

5. Better Air Quality
Your air conditioner hasn’t operated since last summer, so when you start it up for the season, it is typically full of dust, allergens, or other debris. While inspecting your air conditioner, your technician will clean it, so your family isn’t inhaling dirty air.

To schedule your preseason A/C tune-up, or to speak to one of our expert technicians on how you can benefit from regular maintenance to your air conditioner, call us at (801) 833-3333.

Call us today to request a free estimate or to get a scheduled or emergency service.

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