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Maintaining a Home Fireplace

At Action Plumbing, we’re not only your go-to stop for plumbing, heating and cooling – we’re a licensed and respected provider of indoor and outdoor fireplaces as well. We also provide service and maintenance to keep you and your family warm and toasty by the fire during winter.

We have a few ideas when it comes to some maintenance that you can get started yourself.

The damper is the item that helps seal off your chimney, but it can become the cause of some future fireplace repairs. Sometimes leaves or other items can agglomerate in the chimney. If you have roof access, you can do a basic check every so often – you can remove minor buildups yourself, or call an expert if there’s a bigger issue you can’t take care of.

Ashes, Dirt and Debris
Especially if you’ve gone a while without using the fireplace, little bits of debris may build up. These can actually become fire hazards. Cleaning this area out every now and then will keep the fireplace looking pristine, plus eliminate any danger.

Burn Green
Some types of wood can create pollutants in the air. We recommend, for health and convenience reasons, to look for greener options. Composition logs are a great way to reduce pollution, producing up to 50% less pollutants than wood.

Smoke Factors
Excess of smoke may be a sign that your fireplace isn’t burning the correct way, or wasn’t lit properly. To minimize both pollution and potential damage, make sure you split logs and stack them crosswise, to allow for air to circulate.

We would recommend you to store firewood at least a foot above the ground and in a sunny, well-ventilated area. Also, make sure to look for light wood, as it usually means that all its moisture is gone.

At the same time, be sure not to burn anything but proper wood logs or non-glossy white paper at home. Other items can create toxic gasses which can harm you and your fireplace. A great way to check if you’re burning incorrectly is to go outside and see if you notice visible smoke coming from the chimney – if so, there’s a good chance you need to change your smoke efficiency.

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