Electricity powers life today, from critical HVAC systems to appliances, devices, lighting, and more putting electrical demands on your home.

Inadequate electrical infrastructure strains to support usage, creating fire risks and equipment failures.

Don’t take electrical capacity and safety for granted. The licensed electricians at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric provide essential electrical upgrades along with repairs to meet modern demands.

Warning Signs You Need an Electrical System Upgrade

Frequent tripped breakers or blown fuses signal overloaded circuits. Flickering lights, burning smells at outlets, or dimming lamps point to failing wiring. As your home’s energy needs grow through new high-wattage appliances, electric vehicles, etc. insufficient electrical capacity becomes problematic.

Old fuse boxes without circuit markers, reliable monitoring, and modern safety features pose safety risks. We perform full capacity upgrades:

  • Electrical panel replacement
  • New grounded branch circuits installation
  • Wiring improvements to smoothly handle household loads
  • Added 240V circuits for larger appliances
  • Our electricians ensure your whole electrical system works efficiently and safely for years beyond quick fixes.

Why Surge Protection Matters

Power fluctuations are an inevitability with electric grid complexities. But power surges from dramatic voltage spikes can instantly ruin electronics and shave years off HVAC lifespans. Whole home surge protectors prevent thousands lost overnight. We offer layered surge protection for household systems like:

  • Main electrical panel & meter buffer
  • Individual circuit buffers at point of use
  • HVAC component protectors
  • Backup Power Generation Preparedness

Coping through prolonged outages from disasters is miserable without resilient backup electricity. Let us install house-scale generators running on natural gas or propane so you maintain comfort through storms and grid interruptions:

  • Automatic activation sensing outage
  • Hands-free continued operation for days
  • Permitting, all wiring, fuel line work
  • Annual maintenance

Reach Out to the Pros

Don’t take electrical infrastructure or resilient power for granted. Schedule upgrades and repairs tailored to your home’s needs with Action Plumbing & Heating today! Reach out and get a free estimate; and for a limited time, get $100 off any electrical service!