signs homeowner plumbing know-how

Signs of General Homeowner Plumbing Know-How, Part 1

As any quality plumber will tell you, home plumbing maintenance is an area that requires a balance between homeowner and plumber. While there are certain plumbing repairs or installations only certified plumbers should ever be performing, there are also several minor plumbing areas many homeowners can easily perform, plus some themes in the middle of the road here.

At Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, our plumbers are proud to help numerous homeowners ride this fence properly. We’re happy to provide numerous plumbing services, from drain cleaning to various areas of plumbing repair or installation, but will also provide expertise and basic tips for DIY homeowners who want to handle certain acceptable areas. As a homeowner, there are several plumbing areas to keep an eye on within this realm – this two-part blog series will go over several themes that indicate a homeowner who has the right level of plumbing know-how and is able to keep their plumbing in good shape moving forward.

Main Shut-Off Valve Awareness

First and foremost, all homeowners – regardless of your DIY inclinations or handiness – need to know the location of their main water shut-off valve. Generally located in the basement or outside, and often near the electrical or utility box, this main shut-off valve is the only place where you can shut off the entire home’s water supply in one move.

In cases of potential emergency or water damage, this valve is vital. It allows you to stop water flow and minimize the damage as quickly as possible – but if you don’t know where it is, that extra time spent finding it could cause extreme additional damage.

Hidden Leak Detection

Savvy homeowners will know that one of the top causes of increasing water bills in a given month is the potential presence of hidden leaks in plumbing. In addition, you may be aware of certain plumbing pipes or areas that have experienced leaks in the past, or are particularly susceptible based on their material – this knowledge serves as a shorthand, allowing you to detect these leaks before they become major issues. In turn, you’ll be able to patch the issue or call our plumbers for assistance before your bill spikes too heavily.

Garbage Disposal Usage

Another telltale sign of a savvy plumbing homeowner: All home occupants are aware of proper garbage disposal usage and do not deviate from it. This means never putting fatty waste or grease down the garbage disposal, plus avoiding items like rice, coffee grounds and various other fibrous materials that might glom up the garbage disposal and create issues.

For more on themes that showcase strong plumbing knowledge from homeowners, or to learn about any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the staff at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical today.