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Risks Posed by Oversized Air Conditioning Units

Within the HVAC world, the misconception of “bigger is better” can be a damaging one in several different areas. One great example here is the air conditioner unit – many inexperienced home or building owners simply assume that the largest possible unit they can afford is the best choice for their property, but this simply isn’t the case and can create several issues if it’s your approach.

At Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, we’re here to point you in the right direction when it comes to any major decisions for your air conditioning system, including replacing the AC unit itself. Many who subscribe to the above theory will run into major issues with an oversized AC unit – let’s look at what some of these issues are, and how you can avoid them by purchasing a properly-sized unit.

General Cost Concerns

For starters, an oversized AC unit will lead to major cost concerns. Not only will you pay more for the equipment than you likely need to for a smaller unit, you’ll also see a higher energy bill because more power is required for these larger units.

Furthermore, cost issues will crop up in a long-term sense as well. Oversized AC equipment will not function optimally, and will break down faster than a properly-sized unit would in virtually every case. This means you’ll be looking at costly repairs or replacements far sooner than you should be.

Temperature Control Issues

Apart from the impact on your wallet, oversized units will also create a comfort issue. For one, they often lead to major problems with temperature variations throughout the home – one room will cool quickly while others stay far too hot, or vice versa. On the flip side, properly-sized equipment will cool various rooms evenly.

Humidity Problems

When a standard AC unit cools your home, it takes enough time and provides enough airflow that humidity is also controlled properly. But when an oversized unit is in place, it cools far faster and limits the cycle, which causes muggy, damp conditions in many cases due to high humidity. This can also lead to mold formation and a musty, uncomfortable smell.

Short Cycling

When the AC unit is too large, as we just noted, it will cool the space too quickly. This will result in the unit shutting off before completing a full cycle, which strains several components in the system and also leads to several of the issues we’ve already discussed.

Poor Filtration

Finally, an oversized unit will even impact your air quality. When short cycling, units don’t allow air the proper filtration, which leads to lowered quality and a higher risk for health concerns.

For more on why you should avoid purchasing an oversized AC unit, or to learn more about any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the staff at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical today.