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Preventing Summer Pest Infestation in HVAC System

With summer in full swing, proper home cooling and general home pest prevention are two major areas that homeowners have to be considering. Did you realize, though, that these two areas may overlap?

At Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, we can tell you some pretty harrowing stories from our experiences with pests attempting to invade HVAC systems. Insects, rodents and various forms of pests may look to these areas for shelter or moisture sources, and may leave droppings and other debris – plus create damage to the system if unchecked. Let’s go over some very general tips for preventing this from happening, including areas where our air conditioner tune-ups will help.

Moisture Control

As we noted above, a popular reason for pests attempting to infiltrate your HVAC system will be to find a moisture source. Many insects thrive in moist environments, especially standing water or damp areas.

For this reason, do your best to limit any such areas. If you notice any condensation building up in or around your AC unit, for instance, contact our pros about the possible causes and how to remedy them. If any of your ducts or plumbing pipes are leaking, ensure these are fixed immediately. Finally, if your humidity is too high in certain areas, consider a dehumidifier to assist with this.

Duct Sealing

Other pests might just be looking for a place to live, and one of the easiest such areas for them to find will be leaks in your ducts. Even small leaks open up areas for pests to enter through, plus will result in lost air that ups your energy bill each month. Do a regular visual inspection of your ducts and seal any minor gaps or holes.

Vent Screen Covers

For homes that contain external air vents to the outdoors, ensure all such openings are covered with aluminum wire mesh. These covers will allow the proper air flow without opening up a direct access point for pests.

Pest Spraying

At least semi-annually, the exterior of your home and various HVAC equipment should be sprayed for standard pests. Some handy homeowners might be able to perform this service on their own, but be sure you know what you’re doing here before you get started – if you’re even somewhat unsure of any area here, professional pest control spraying services are generally affordable.

HVAC Maintenance

Finally, be sure to schedule regular maintenance for HVAC components like the air conditioner and furnace. Our technicians can spot any potential risks of pest infestation, such as condensation buildup in your AC condenser or issues with your duct and air flow system.

For more on preventing pest infestations from reaching your HVAC equipment this summer, or to learn about any of our plumbing or air services, speak to the staff at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical today.