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Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric can help you diagnose and fix any of your home’s electrical issues. Whether you want help rewiring, installing a light, or even want a complete remodel, call our Salt Lake City electricians today!

Electrical problems can become the bane of your home. At the first sign of trouble, Action Plumbing will come to your rescue. We urge you to contact our electricians as soon as possible. Issues with the wiring, breaker, or the main switch can become really expensive really fast. We’ll be there before anything happens, and we’ll do what we can to ensure your house is safe from electrical hazards.

Full to Partial Construction

Let us handle your electrical project. We know our way around enough to accept jobs for remodeling or full-on new construction. Furthermore, we will work based on your schedule to comply with your timetable. We know that the electrical side is only one part of your project, and you may need us to finish our job quicker to let other contractors start their work. Rest assured, we won’t be holding the process up.

Up to Scratch

Older, unrenovated homes pose a certain kind of danger. For one thing, the old wiring, sockets, and breakers may not last long with your power-hungry devices. Secondly, it may not be efficient, which will lead to higher power costs. You need electricians, like the capable ones we employ at Action Plumbing, to overhaul your ancient wiring. We will make sure your electrical system will be up to the current code.

In the absolute worst case scenario, we may recommend a full replacement. There are times when section-by-section repairs will end up costing you a lot more. In addition, your home may simply need new wires, especially if you’re turning it into a home for the future. Either way, our electricians can provide all the work you need.

If you weren’t able to spot signs of electrical problems, don’t feel bad. Wiring problems usually manifest by completely cutting the flow of electricity, and by then it’s already too late. Nonetheless, you can always count on Action Plumbing, whether you want to prevent outages or you’re already dealing with one.

For a reliable electrician in Salt Lake City, contact us today.

Bring Your Electrical System up to Code

Some historic Salt Lake City homes are old enough to have cloth-covered wiring or other outdated wires and breakers, but older systems are usually grandfathered in to new electrical codes. However, your aging system may still need replacement.

In most cases, the problems caused by old wiring are just inconvenient. Bad wiring can cause breakers and fuses to go out often, can make lights that dim and flicker or can lead to discolored or buzzing outlets. Other problems, such as a burning smell or shocking switches, can point to a much more serious problem, and your safety could be at stake. Call right away if these problems occur.

The electricians at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric in Salt Lake City recommend having the electric system checked for any home built more than 40 years ago. You can also self-diagnose with tools such as an outlet tester or, for light fixtures, a simple light bulb.

Action Electrical is to the rescue!

Electrical problems can be hard to diagnose, and that’s OK. Action, Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical will come to the rescue! Are you having tripping-breaker problems? This may be due to overloaded circuits. Have outlets gone dead? This may be due to a device that is tripping that outlet. For your safety, the circuits, wires and the ground-fault interrupter should only be handled by a trained electrical professional. If replacing a breaker doesn’t do the trick, you may want to make a call and schedule an electrical repair appointment to ensure the problem isn’t deep in the building’s system.

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Your home may need a new electrical grid if you have:

  • Frequent Breaker Outages
  • Breaker Sparks
  • Old Wiring
  • Home Additions or Remodels
  • New Electrical Outlets
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