Mini Split Ductless Heating Systems

Mini-Split Ductless Heating Systems
in Salt Lake City

Mini-split ductless heating systems are intended to heat or cool a smaller area, and they enable you to control the temperature in individual rooms.

They have two main parts: an indoor air-handling unit (also known as the evaporator) and an outdoor compressor/condenser. Want to know if they’ll work for your home? Call us today.

Mini-Splits for Your Home

A mini-split doesn’t use ducts to transfer warm or cool air. Instead, it uses a refrigerant line. The compressor outside applies pressure to the refrigerant, which is then dispersed through the lines connected to the indoor unit.

To install a mini-split, our technicians only need to make a 3-inch hole in the wall to let the conduits pass through. You also have the option of connecting several indoor units to one outdoor compressor.

What makes a mini-split better than traditional heating and cooling systems?

  • No Ductwork Needed – Mini-splits are good for houses that don’t have ductwork.
  • Zone Control – Mini-splits enable you to control the temperature in specific parts of your home, meaning everyone in your house can be more comfortable. You can also lower the heat in out-of-way locations in your house, helping you to save money.
  • Quiet Operation – Unlike traditional heating and cooling systems, mini-splits are quieter — much quieter than traditional air conditioners.
  • Extra Control Features – Mini-splits offer homeowners greater convenience. For instance, many come with remote control operation, which is handy when you have units in hard-to-reach locations.
  • Better Air Quality – Systems with air ducts are notorious for collecting dust and blowing it around your house. But mini-splits, which are ductless, make for cleaner, healthier air.
  • Less Expensive – Mini-splits use a fraction of the energy other heating systems use. This is because they usually have more efficient compressors and fans, which allow them to adjust the speed and reduce energy consumption.
  • Versatile – Because they’re ductless, you can mount mini-splits on the wall or ceiling. You can choose from a number of sizes based on the space you want to heat. Have a newly renovated room or basement? A mini-split would be perfect.

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