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3 Signs it’s Time to Switch from a Window Unit to Central AC

3 Signs it’s Time to Switch from a Window Unit to Central AC

maintaining an ac unit

Are Window AC Units Safe? Let us draw an image in your head: the loudest fans and condensers possible? Check. Cool air that consistently shifts to hot air from time to time? Check. Problematic issues with your window unit? Check. Check. Check! If these all sound a bit too familiar with your past summers, it sounds like it’s time to switch to a central AC unit!

Those unbearable 90-degree days are here, which for many means to bring out their “ole reliable” window unit and hope for the best. Instead of just surviving the summer and overlooking the issues window units tend to harbor, take action!

Look for a truly reliable source of cooling system for your home. Our Action Heating & Air Conditioner technicians will deliver the right solution. Sure you could go for the cheaper option and buy another window unit, but before that, let us explain the 3 reasons you might not want to go that route.

Spending more than it Costs

If affordability is on your list of reasons why a central AC unit may not be an option, allow us to dispel that myth. An average window unit may cost from $75 up to $1000 depending on the size of your home and the quality of the unit. However, just like most things in life, it’s too good to be true, and sadly the repair bill will have you regretting your decision.

Common problems with window units tend to be uneven cooling within your home. To cool your entire home, you would either have to leave the window unit on for hours to be effective. Talk about inefficient!

Additionally, a window unit filter must be replaced every two months on average, compared to the once-a-quarter air filter change most central HVAC units require. However, many either do not know this fact or how to replace a filter at all. These small or big complications will add up and will be more than what you paid for in the end. Though it may seem cheaper on paper, your window AC

unit will complicate your lifestyle due to detailed care. Not only that, but a window AC units safety is problematic. Compared to central AC, you won’t have to be concerned about investing time and energy toward liability.

window ac unit

Are Window AC Units Safe?

Is a window AC units safety guaranteed? That's the question most have when comparing safety inside their household. When comparing any window unit directly to the cost of installing central AC, the window unit would make more financial sense. However, when it comes to the durability and reliability of your own home, it’d make sense to replace that shaky mid-range window unit you got from Amazon. To be frank, a window AC units safety does not look too good when compared to unfortunate tragic events.

For example, you will never have to worry about a central AC unit falling out of your window. You’d be surprised how many people have died from shaky window units landing on their heads. Recent reports show upwards of five deaths per year due to window AC units falling. So no, a window AC units safety is not guaranteed nor reliable in any case. If you have any more questions regarding window AC units safety: Read The Risks Associated with a Window AC Unit

On top of it being nearly impossible for a central AC unit to fall out of a window, when properly maintained, they can last well over 15 years. Whereas a window unit may only last up to one-third the amount of how long central AC lasts.

Durability and Reliability

Pound for pound, compared to central AC, window AC unit is inferior in power and reliability. Additionally, a central AC units safety is secured and will keep you worry-free. When compared to a window AC units safety, it wins in that department as well. Also, window units tend to only cool down one room at a time as long as you give it 1-2 hours to work. Whereas a central AC unit may only take 10-15 minutes to cool your entire house down. Meaning that a home with a central AC system is greener and more energy-efficient than one without. Which would you rather prefer? A single room with cold air? Or having your entire home with cold air?

maintaining a central ac unit

As much money you think you might save with that window unit, it pales in comparison to the level of discomfort it brings upon your family and guests. Have them enjoy your home without worrying about whether it is too hot or uncomfortable.

Save valuable time by spending it with family and friends and be worry-free.

Make the Switch Today! Schedule in advance to install a new Central AC System for you!

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