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Action plumbing
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Action plumbing
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Air Conditioning Installation in Salt Lake City

If you’re looking to add an air conditioning system to your Salt Lake City home, the AC installation experts at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric are the right Utah professionals to call.

We offer high quality cooling systems, and we’re happy to help you explore your options. Our contractors can answer your questions and offer expert advice, and we’ll find an affordable solution to meeting your home cooling needs.

When it comes to AC services in northern Utah, homeowners trust the Action Plumbing team. Turn to us for your AC installation, and you’ll be making a smart choice.

Specialists in Utah Home AC Systems

Every Salt Lake City home is unique, and every homeowner has individual cooling preferences. So, our professional contractors never take a one-size-fits-all approach to AC installation.

We’ll assess your home to determine an appropriate size for your AC system. Once we’ve identified which air conditioning units meet your needs, our technicians will advise on a plan of action. And as we are well-familiar with the top brands, you can rely on us to recommend a dependable air conditioner that offers superior performance.

Home AC Systems

Experts in Home AC Installation

If you’re planning on AC installation, choosing highly qualified and experienced contractors – like the professional team at Action Plumbing – is in your best interests.

Installing an air conditioning system requires technical skills, and leaving the task to an expert ensures that your new cooling system is optimized for efficiency. Our NATE-certified contractors have what it takes to get the job done correctly, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work. We’ve been installing AC systems in Salt Lake City homes for over 30 years, and we make the process completely hassle-free.

Home AC Maintenance Services

Once your new air conditioning system is installed, you’re going to want it to operate effectively for many years to come – and for that, you’ll need regular AC maintenance. And who better to call than the experts at Action Plumbing?

Our professional contractors can handle all of your AC maintenance needs, and we’re also available for annual AC tune-ups. Contact us to schedule an AC tune-up before summer arrives, and you can count on your Utah home remaining cool and comfortable all season long.

Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement

As with any other home appliance, a new air conditioner won’t stay in top shape forever. Eventually, you may need AC repair – and when that happens, you can call on us for a fast fix any hour of the day or night.

And many years later, if your AC system needs to be replaced, we’ll be here to meet your needs. At Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, we offer a full range of AC services to Salt Lake City homeowners. We aim to be the only HVAC services company you ever need to call.

To discuss AC installation for your northern Utah home, or for more information on our other AC services, contact us today!

Call us today to request a free estimate or to get a scheduled or emergency service.

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