Rooter Service, Pipe Jetting & Hydro Jetting in Salt Lake City, Utah

Rooter Service, Pipe Jetting & Hydro Jetting in Salt Lake City, Utah

Debris can compromise your sewer lines and drain pipes, resulting in widespread plumbing issues throughout your Salt Lake City home. Fortunately, the rooter service team at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric can prevent that from happening.

We use the advanced pipe jetting technique – otherwise known as hydro jetting – to safely dislodge debris and eliminate the risk of clogs. Essentially, our rooter service offers a complete drain cleaning using a high pressure water stream. The process is fast and effective, and with the Action Plumbing team, pipe jetting is also quite affordable.

When Rooter Service is Necessary

Not sure if you need rooter service? As a rule of thumb, professional plumbers recommend scheduling hydro jetting drain cleaning once every two years, but several warning signs can point to the need for a more immediate appointment.

If your Salt Lake City home has more than one slow-draining sink or bathtub, chances are you have a sewer line blockage in need of clearing. The same is true if your toilets repeatedly overflow or water keeps backing up into your home. And if you notice a constant foul odor coming from your drains, contact us to schedule pipe jetting service right away.

Professional Pipe Jetting & Hydro Jetting

As we mentioned, pipe jetting is a modern drain cleaning technique that uses a stream of highly pressurized water. This technique effectively removes sewer line debris, putting an end to any concerns about sewage backup problems.

Hydro jetting requires technical expertise – it isn’t a task for amateurs. The Action Plumbing team understands how to get the job done right, without jeopardizing any part of your plumbing system.

Advanced Rooter Service Technology

Pipe jetting is an excellent alternative to using a snake tool to physically eliminate sewer line blockages. In the hands of an experienced professional, it’s completely safe for your plumbing system – and since hydro jetting uses only water and air, the drain cleaning technique poses no threat to your household water supply.

In addition, hydro jetting thoroughly clears your sewer lines of any debris – including stubborn tree roots. Once the Action Plumbing team completes the job, there’s little chance of you having to deal with a clog or sewage backup anytime soon. Plus, pipe jetting will boost your plumbing system performance. With all of these advantages, professional drain cleaning is one preventive service every Salt Lake City homeowner should consider.

Expert Rooter Service in Salt Lake City

The professional team at Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric has been using the hydro jetting drain cleaning technique for decades. We have the skill, knowledge and experience to safely and effectively clear your sewer lines – and with us, hydro jetting is an affordable service.

The experts at Action Plumbing can meet all of your HVAC and plumbing service needs. To request a free estimate for pipe jetting, or for more information on our professional rooter service for Salt Lake City homeowners, contact us today.

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