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Three Quick Ways to Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests

Three Quick Ways to Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests

The holidays are often synonymous with lots of out of town guests and family members visiting. If these guests are taking up residence in your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re extra prepared for them. Happy guests lead to happier holidays! Read through our quick checklist to prep your home and ensure your holiday guests are comfortable and at ease.

Check your electrical wiringchristmas tree decorated with lights

Do you want to wow your guests with a beautifully lit Christmas tree and dazzling outdoor lights? We don’t blame you! Just make sure you take the proper precautions so your light show is safe for you and your guests. Never over-work outlets or circuits with too many cords or lights. You could cause a power short or trip your breaker. In some extreme cases, overloaded circuits can even result in electrical fires. Investing in surge protectors and spreading out your lighting are proactive steps to mitigate these issues.

Clean your oven

If you’re like most cup of hot cocoa with candy cane and cookiesAmericans, the December holidays include a plethora of baking and cooking delicious meals and desserts. Cleaning your oven before the big cooking days will not only wow your guests, but will decrease the chance of an unwanted smoky or fiery disaster. Build up of grease and old food in an oven can damage your appliance and reduce its heating efficiency. And if your oven starts smoking while your cooking your ham, turkey, or holiday desserts, chances are they’ll taste like it.

Flush your water heater

Overnight guests usually want to take hot showers at some point during their stay. Flushing your water heater now will help the unit run more efficiently, and will flush out any built up minerals or sediment. A good flush will save you money on your energy bills, and your guests won’t have to worry about running out of hot water so quickly.

Do you have more suggestions on how to prep your home for out of town guests? Tell us in the comments below!


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