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Sounds That Go Bump in The Night Explained

Sounds That Go Bump in The Night Explained

It’s always startling to be woken up by a strange sound in the middle of the night. Next time this happens, know you don’t have to hide under the covers — we’ve got an explanation for those sounds that go bump in the night!

Popping and Bubbling

There is nothing worse than watching a scary movie, then later being scared alone in your own home. Don’t worry though, that popping and bubbling sound is not from your house being haunted — it’s the result of your water heater. Sediment often builds up at the bottom of the tank, causing a pop and bubble sound when water is trying to heat.


Ever shot up in bed because you heard a banging sound? Rest assured, that hammering is coming from the walls due to air pressure in your water pipes (known as a “pressure hammer”). This happens when a faucet is turned on or a toilet flushes. And, the room you hear the hammering in is most likely not the same room as the source of the sound. Pipes run through your entire home causing the loud disruption to sound in multiple rooms.


You may think that whistling you are hearing is an unhappy ghost in your house, but it’s actually your furnace crying out for help. This means your filter is dirty and obstructing airflow. When this happens, your furnace begins sucking whatever it can from around the filter, resulting in dust, dirt, and pollen build up. However, if you have already changed the filter and you’re still hearing a whistling, it’s time to inspect your windows. Older homes and buildings have less durable windows that produce a noticeable whistle when there is a slight breeze outside.

Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric is here to offer you some peace of mind next time you’re afraid after hearing a strange sound in your home. Just remember, a house is created from multiple pieces and materials that all contract, expand, and work differently. Pay attention to what your home is telling you, the noises you hear can explain a lot.


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