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Quiz: Which Fireplace Best Suits You?

Quiz: Which Fireplace Best Suits You?

Your fireplace is often the focal point in any room and a necessity with most home décor. At Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, we’re proud to provide an array of fireplace options as unique as you. Take this quiz to see which direction you should lean when selecting your next fireplace!

When you’re hosting company, do you:

  1. Expect your fireplace to blend into your decor
  2. Want your fireplace to be a focal point in your living or family room
  3. Want your fireplace to be a focal point on your porch or patio
  4. Want an outside fireplace for friends to gather around

What style do you prefer:

  1. Comfortable and homey
  2. Refined
  3. Sleek
  4. Rustic

What is the main function of your fireplace:

  1. A cozy spot to read indoors and warmth
  2. Necessary component to any living or family room
  3. Completes the look of your porch or patio
  4. A spot to tell scary stories around on summer nights

Would you rather spend your evening:

  1. Nestled and curled up on your couch
  2. Home, but keeping busy
  3. NOT HOME, out on the town
  4. Under the stars

Do you spend a lot of nights inside or outside:

  1. Inside; Netflix or reading in the family room
  2. Inside; working, writing, painting in an office or studio
  3. Outside; out and about or exploring
  4. Outside; intimate gathering with friends or family


Mostly A’s:

You understand the importance of relaxing and unwinding. You would benefit from our GrandvilleTM VF42 –GVF42 Vent Free Gas Fireplace. This will provide your décor with a homey vibe and be functional for your cozy nights in. You also couldn’t go wrong with a log set. Let this classic look keep you and your home warm.

vent free gas fireplace
Mostly B’s:

You have a lot going on and sitting down to watch a movie isn’t at the top of your list. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, or use your home as your creative space, your fireplace should be a refined focal point in your living or family room. We recommend going with an electric fireplace. This option will give any room in your home a sleek and modern feel. It will complete your home and you won’t have the hassle of dealing with a log burning fire.

electric fireplace
Mostly C’s:

You always like a hint of adventure and interacting with others. You understand your outside space is just as important as your inside décor. It’s great having people over for a BBQ, but you’d rather be working the room than sitting still by your fireplace. Be the star of the summer parties with a modern fire table. Your friends will be warm and impressed with your sleek style — the compliments will be pouring in!

Mostly D’s:

No need to go to the mountains for a campfire when you can have the look and feel of one right in your home! You are definitely leaning towards a rustic vibe and your outside space is craving a log fire. Get the look with our Napoleon Patioflame® — your nights can be spent with friends telling stories and laughing around the fire.

patio flame fireplace



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