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Signs of Blocked Ducts

Signs of Blocked Ducts

Optimize Your Air Conditioning System

As we approach the hottest time of the year, optimize your air conditioning system is efficiently providing adequate cooling makes the difference between a good night’s rest and tossing and turning in puddles of sweat. What are the most common and annoying roadblocks preventing you from attaining your ideal home temperature, you ask? Dirty, blocked, and/or contaminated air ducts.

At Action Plumbing, our technicians can help identify and eliminate any debris or contamination within your air ducts. Don’t wait until your system bursts into a cloud of dust, be proactive. Here are some signs that your system may need a professional cleaning from our air conditioning repair experts.


Have you noticed little clouds of dust emerge from vents in your home when you turn on your A/C unit? This is a common sign that debris has built up in your ducts, and, if it’s kicking up into the air, rest assured dust and debris are circulating through your air system.

With added dust in the air, many people with allergies or asthma will have increased and more severe episodes. You can also expect to pay higher energy bills every month because the system is working harder to pump clean air.


Insects and rodents can lead to major duct issues and often cause dirt to make its way into ducts. Feces left by pests also contribute to additional debris, which can contribute to numerous health issues. These droppings are usually the first signs you’ll see, but, in the cases of larger rodents, you might hear them roaming around your ducts. If you find an infestation, call our experts and an exterminator right away.


Leaky or poorly insulated ducts are a common cause of mold. If you see visible mold outside the ducts, there is undoubtedly more inside the ducts. Mold grows and flourishes in cold, damp conditions — the air duct environment is, unfortunately, a perfect environment. Just like pests, mold can cause significant health problems, but with life-long consequences.

To learn more about identifying contaminated ducts, or for information on any of our heating and air services, give us a call to speak with one of our professionals at Action Plumbing today.

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