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Heating Water Gets Efficient!

Heating Water Gets Efficient!

It’s time to switch the furnace off, and turn the AC on. While it’s getting warmer, we don’t think it’s time for cold showers just yet. Luckily, Action Plumbing works with most water heating systems and has options that could save you money. We offer conventional storage water heaters, but if you are looking to replace your system, we have suggestions for our most cost-effective systems.

Solar Water Heaters

You don’t have to stress on cold days because these can be used in any climate. The best part is the fuel — sunshine — is free! Solar water heating systems are cost-effective units that include water storage tanks and solar collectors. There are two types of systems: active and passive.

Active: Active systems use direct circulation systems that pump water through the collectors and into the home. These systems typically work best in climates that don’t experience freezing temperatures. The other option — our pick for Utah — are indirect circulation systems that pump an anti-freeze fluid through the collectors and a heat exchanger. The water is heated in this process and then sent through your home’s pipes.

Passive: These systems are generally less expensive than Active systems, but they usually aren’t as efficient. On the plus side, passive systems can be more reliable in the long run. Our pick for colder climates are Thermosyphon systems that allow warm water to rise in the tank and be carried to the house as the cooler water sinks.

Tankless Water Heaters

Have you ever been the last one to use the shower on a busy morning and get stuck with freezing, cold water? Good news: with a tankless system, there is a never-ending supply of hot water just for you! Tankless units save you money by being uber-efficient with the water it heats. A sensor detects when the hot water tap is turned on. The water then runs through a heat exchanger and through your faucet. When you turn the tap off, the unit shuts down giving your utility bill a break by not filling up a large tank with a stale, hot water.

Once you decide on the perfect water heater, or if you want advice from one of our expert technicians, contact Action to schedule a free estimate on the installation. All our work is guaranteed and we work on Saturdays, too!

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