The Halo Water Filter is a cost effective and environmentally sound alternative to water softening and purification. This patented system is conveniently installed into your existing water supply line. Investing in the Halo Water Filter can reduce the build-up which forms in pipes and extends the life of your water heater. Other invasive water softening systems contain salt, which can be damaging to your garden and your skin. Unlike water softeners, The Halo Water filter is effective without the use of harsh chemicals. The filter is effective in controlling the formation of scale, or calcite, as well as the amount of corrosion deposits contained in your tap water. The Halo Water Filter works by collecting the calcium and limescale deposits which prevents it from collecting in your plumbing fixtures and corroding your pipes.

As an added bonus, the filter is also important in regulating the chlorine content in your tap water. Surprisingly, in many cases, the levels your home may contain more chlorine than the average swimming pool. And, when considering drinking bottled water as an alternative to tap water there are similar consequences. Some research shows that at only 70 degrees the plastic in bottles can start leaking chemicals into the pure water and our landfills. Action Plumbing, Heating & Air water filter experts are here to help you . With some simple planning, Action Plumbing will help you determine the best, most cost-effective options to installing the proper water filter for your home.