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Get a Jump on Your Spring Home Maintenance

Get a Jump on Your Spring Home Maintenance

March is often times a transitional month when it comes to weather. It’s not quite spring, yet we’re not in the dead of winter either. With a new season approaching, you’ll need to start transitioning your home and March is the perfect time to start!

Furnace Air Filter

The air quality in your home should be a top priority! We recommend changing your air filter every 3 months to keep the air in your home clean and healthy. This transitional month is the perfect time to make the change to ensure your air isn’t carrying pollen, mold, and dust into your home.

Cleaning Your Range Hood And Fan

Grease can easily build up here and needs to be cleaned regularly. Try using a citrus cleaner to get rid of the cooking grime, and make sure to wear gloves.

Laundry Room Re-Do

Your laundry room is a space that needs sprucing up, too. Try reorganizing for maximum efficiency — perhaps your laundry bins could be closer to your washer. Consider installing a drying rack and pull-out ironing board to keep all the tools that keep your clothing in tip top shape in one specific area of your home. It’s also wise to do a deep cleaning of your dryer vent to keep your dryer running efficiently.

Examine Your Roof

In the middle of that March snow-slush storm, go into your attic to see if there are any leaks. Catch a leak early before all that snow melts and you have a bigger problem on your hands when the spring storms roll in.

Outside Faucets and Hose

As the snow is starting to clear, you’ll need to ensure that your outside pipes are in working condition. Turn on your water and see how well the water is flowing. March is a great time to do this to prevent having to replace your pipes during the summer months when you need your watering system for your yard. If you suspect a problem, call Action and we’ll send a technician out for a thorough inspection.

AC Unit

Right about now the temperature is starting to rise and you’ll be wanting cooler air in your home sooner than you’d think. It’s time to have a qualified Action technician service your AC or cooling unit to make sure you’re ready to roll by the time spring comes around.

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