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Gas or Electric: Which Fireplace is Right for Your Home this Winter?

Gas or Electric: Which Fireplace is Right for Your Home this Winter?

It’s time to think about keeping your family and home warm for the season. Your furnace is one way to heat a home, but you might be able to save some money and keep cozy by adding a fireplace to your home. The question is, do you want a gas fireplace or an electric one? Here are some of the advantages and drawbacks of each to help you decide.

Gas Fireplaces

The typical gas fireplace has fake logs and a gas flame you can switch on and off (generally with a light switch or similar control). Like your water heater, gas fireplaces have a pilot light that remains on at all times so you can easily turn the fire on and off.

These fireplaces include a protective glass over the flame to help prevent burns and accidental fires. You can also get the gas fireplace installed with a blower to help distribute the heat throughout a room.

Some of the benefits of a gas fireplace include:

  • Beautiful flames that look like a real fire
  • They work even if the power goes out, which is particularly important during prolonged power outages when an electric furnace won’t work
  • High BTU capacity (British thermal unit, a measure of heat output)
  • Plenty of style and size variety to fit your home’s design

Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace is another way to get that warmth and beauty without all the work and hassle of building a wood fire. Those who don’t own a home may also want the benefits of a fireplace, but cannot install a gas or wood one in a rental unit. In these situations, an electric fireplace can be the answer. Electric fireplaces plug into any wall outlet for a simple flip on/flip off fire in any room of any home.

Other benefits of an electric fireplace include:

  • Fume-free flames without risk of gas leaks or the smell of burning wood
  • Simple to maintain with virtually no need to clean the unit
  • Affordable to buy and install in your home
  • Easy to install by simply plugging into any outlet in your home, no professional help needed
  • Long-lasting warmth that you can even take with you when you move
  • A safe way to heat your home that doesn’t get hot and has options like automatic shut off to prevent accidents

Benefits of Both Fireplace Options

No matter which you decide to get, having a fireplace in your home has several benefits. Not only are they a beautiful focal point for a family or living room, and a great addition to places like your master bedroom, a fireplace is also a great way to save some money. Rather than heating your entire home, you can turn the furnace down and heat only the room you’re using with your gas or electric fireplace.

To get more information about gas or electric fireplaces, call Action Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electric today.

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