Faucets are used everyday. We use them to wash our hands, take showers, and do our dishes. It is no surprise that they will eventually start to leak or drip.

When a leak happens it is usually a sign that a part is worn down and needs to be replaced. Compression faucets, for example, will normally start to leak when the washer or seal start to get loose or worn down. Washers are under constant pressure from water flowing over them, and from being raised and lowered every time the handle is used.

leaky faucet

leaky faucet

If you see that the washer is worn, replace it. If the washer doesn’t get replaced the dripping will continue to get worse until it eventually corrodes the fixtures. It can also stain the sink bowls and waste a lot of water when it doesn’t get fixed.

The washerless faucets use inlet and outlet seals, and o-rings. The washerless faucets are the three other faucets: disc, cartridge, and ball faucets. These type of faucets don’t have a tendency to wear down easily, in comparison to compression faucets.

Worn down inlet or outlet seals can cause leaks with disc faucets. Inlets can also get a lot of sediment buildup on them that can cause a leak. After replacing the inlet and outlet seals be sure to realign the new seals with the originals so they cover the holes in the faucet.

Cartridge faucet leaks can be caused when the o-ring gets worn down or broken. It can also be caused if the cushioning around the o-ring breaks. The cartridge itself might need to be replaced as well, especially if it is a leak in the handle of the faucet.

Ball faucets can be caused by both the o-ring, and the inlet and outlet seals. You can try to fix the problem by replacing the inlet and outlet seals, or the spring and ball if the spout drips. You can also try to adjust the ring after you lift the handle off.

The best way to replace these parts is to take the faucet handle off. Be sure to turn off the shutoff valve for the faucet first before trying anything. Once the handle is removed and the item is replaced, your problem should likely be fixed.