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Utah Air Conditioning

Air Conditioners vs. Swamp Coolers

Located in an arid region of Utah at 4,327 feet above sea level, the Salt Lake Valley can easily reach temperatures above 100° F with 0% humidity during the summer months. With an average temperature of 92° F in the summer, air conditioning is a necessity worth investing in. But did you know there are [...]

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Air Conditioning Gets Green

Air conditioning accounts for 50% of energy use in the U.S. during peak summer months and is responsible for nearly 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. If you’re considering reducing your carbon footprint, there are options that don’t include you laying sweltering on your basement floor. If you are less concerned with [...]

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Central Air vs All Those Other Options

Our notoriously short Utah spring is coming to a close, and the hot, summer months are rapidly approaching. To combat the relentless heat, you may be considering an upgrade from that standing fan to an air conditioning unit. Here are a few reasons we would like to recommend Central Air over the other cooling units [...]

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What is Your Air Conditioner Trying To Tell You?

Spring officially kicks off next week and the temps are rising out there. You’ll be needing your air conditioner sooner rather than later and it’s time to make sure everything is in order. The time has come to ask yourself, “what was my AC trying to tell me at the end of last summer?” Clicking [...]

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Sounds That Go Bump in The Night Explained

It’s always startling to be woken up by a strange sound in the middle of the night. Next time this happens, know you don’t have to hide under the covers — we’ve got an explanation for those sounds that go bump in the night! Popping and Bubbling There is nothing worse than watching a scary movie, [...]

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4 Ways to Save Money and Go Green Right Now

Going green is the trend that’s here to stay. It saves consumers money, helps the planet stay cooler, and conserves energy. It’s easy to say, “Hey, let’s go green!” But how do you actually implement it in your daily life? Here are four ways you can do so right now. Full loads only Don’t run [...]

How Often Should You Clean These 5 Appliances?

You know your regular cleaning routine. Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, scrubbing, and so forth are all part of the weekly and monthly cleaning regimen. But what about the appliances in your home that you don’t think about very often? Though they mostly work quietly and without fail, your high priced appliances do need some regular attention [...]

The 7 Stages We Go Through When Our Air Conditioners Break

When your air conditioner goes out, you may experience a multitude of emotions. It’s never fun to be sitting at home sweltering in the summer heat. If you’re experiencing air conditioning outages this week, you may be able to relate to these 7 emotional stages. Call the superhero HVAC techs at Action Plumbing to get [...]

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Christmas in July – What to Gift Your Home

The peak of summer is upon us in Salt Lake City, and your home is likely your main sanctuary from the heat and humidity these days. Our homes do a lot for us this time of year. They keep us cool and comfortable, shield us from summer thunderstorms, and provide some much needed solace from [...]

3 Instances Where an Emergency AC Call is Appropriate

It’s easy to think that any problem with your air conditioner constitutes a 24/7 emergency call to Action Plumbing. However, we recommend calling after hours only in the case of a true emergency. This is because it usually costs a few extra bucks to have a technician come out after business hours. We want to [...]