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The Benefits of Water Filters

The primary goal of any plumber is ensuring safe and clean water for all customers, and Action Plumbing takes this goal seriously. Our water filtration services via reverse osmosis ensure the cleanest possible drinking water in your home. If you are under the impression a water filter is unnecessary, you may not have all the [...]

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Most Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

With the advent of the Internet, the answers to our questions are just a quick search away. There are a lot of plumbing questions out there, and we wanted to bring you the answers. These are the most commonly asked plumbing related questions on the web, and hopefully our expert answers will help solve your [...]

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Common Furnace Problems

The cool temperatures of autumn have finally arrived in Salt Lake City! Your furnace has started its quest to keep you and your family comfortable until the snow melts away. The journey to spring is long and arduous. Your furnace might need a helping hand along the way. A few hiccups may occur in the [...]

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Is Hiring a Professional Plumber Worth the Money?

Many people enjoy a little weekend “do it yourself” project, but it’s important to recognize that while refinishing your deck might be a pretty self-explanatory task, there are some things around your home that do require the experience and expertise of a professional. Plumbing is perhaps one of the most common things that people try [...]

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Salt Lake Spooky Sights

Happy Halloween! Whether you like dressing up, binging on scary movies, partying with friends, or enjoying candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Halloween has something for everyone. It’s a time of celebration for children and adults across the country. Well, only if you can get past that whole thing about the ancient Celtic festival of [...]

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Fixing Household Issues

Annoying household issues be gone! To all those things that go drip in the night, squeak when opened, and creak when walked on, we bid you farewell! These annoying household issues will become a distant memory after you’ve read through these tips and tricks to become the conqueror of nuisances everywhere. Let us know if [...]

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The Heater of a Lifetime

Hidden away in the nether regions of your basement lies a beast that human kind rarely lays eyes upon. Shunned like Quasimodo and as elusive as Big Foot, your heater patiently waits in the shadows until it is called upon to rescue your family from the frigid wasteland that is a Salt Lake City winter. [...]

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Fall Home Improvement Projects

We’ve all been there. Next weekend is the perfect time to finish up those honey-do home improvement projects. Then it rains, or the kids have soccer games, or there’s a Walking Dead marathon that you have to watch because if you don’t you’ll be totally lost when season 6 starts! It felt really good to [...]

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Plumbing Tips & Tricks: A Little TLC Goes a Long Way

About 4,000 years ago, The Minoan Palace of Knossos utilized four separate drainage systems that connected to bathhouses, eventually leading to sewers constructed of stone. Today, homes come equipped with a lavish supply of hot and cold water. Our water use is delivered with a simple twist of a handle then gets whisked away, [...]

Allergies and Your Air Conditioner

Utah is filled with so much beautiful scenery during the summer months. The flowers have blossomed and their colors shine bright. But, as flowers blossom so do runny noses, watery eyes, and never-ending sneezing fits. To escape these allergy attacks many of us attempt to seek refuge indoors. The truth is, indoor air pollution levels [...]

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