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Repair Vs. Replace: The 6 signs that tell you to install a new furnace

We understand that a new furnace isn't on everyone's favorite shopping list. However, upgrading your current unit will make your home more energy efficient and ensure reliable heating all season long, even during Salt Lake City's coldest winters. That being said, it's nice to know you made the right call at the right time. Here [...]

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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall is the perfect time for a little home maintenance! These little tasks will make a huge difference in keeping your home warm, safe, and running efficiently all winter long. If you don’t feel up to preforming all the chores on this list, be sure to call the team at Action Plumbing and Heating for [...]

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Avoid the rush with a preseason tune up for your furnace.

Summer is coming to a close, but there's still time to enjoy fall before the winter cold settles in. That being said, now is the perfect time to schedule a preseason furnace tune up for your Salt Lake City home. We do our best to service all our customers as quickly as we can, but [...]

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Heating and Cooling Gets Simple

The process of heating and cooling your home in Salt Lake City is a complicated one, and because it controls the comfort level of your home, you’ll know when things aren’t working properly. Take control of your system and get to know your HVAC system. Understanding the ins-and-outs will keep your system running efficiently and [...]

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Buy One, Not Two: Why Combo Units are the Best Choice in HVAC

Summer is in full swing, and the heat is sweltering. All of a sudden, your A/C is on the fritz, and you need a replacement before you dissolve into a puddle of sweat. Don’t be like other consumers who, out of necessity, rush into the first system they see without appropriately weighing the positives and [...]

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Signs of Blocked Ducts

Optimize Your Air Conditioning System As we approach the hottest time of the year, optimize your air conditioning system is efficiently providing adequate cooling makes the difference between a good night’s rest and tossing and turning in puddles of sweat. What are the most common and annoying roadblocks preventing you from attaining your ideal home temperature, you [...]

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What is Your Furnace Trying to Tell You?

Though our appliances are inanimate objects, they can still convey a variety of messages to us. A happy appliance will keep these interactions to a minimum, while a disgruntled one will make a big fuss and try to get your attention. It’s important to know what these signals mean, and how to interpret them. Here [...]

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Here’s How to Beat the Chill Outside

If you’re feeling like you’re going to freeze out there, and the snow is up to your knees out there, you’re not alone. We’ve seen steady snowfall all December long, and temperatures ranging from the 40s all the way down to the single digits. Take a reprieve from feeling so chilly and warm up with [...]

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Three Quick Ways to Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests

The holidays are often synonymous with lots of out of town guests and family members visiting. If these guests are taking up residence in your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re extra prepared for them. Happy guests lead to happier holidays! Read through our quick checklist to prep your home and ensure your holiday [...]

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4 Ways a Fireplace Makes the Holidays Better

With the recent snowfall outside, steady creep of Christmas carols on the radio, and lights strewn all over town, it's beginning to feel a lot like the holiday season. It's time to stock up on wood and get those holiday fires roaring, because nothing says Happy Holidays like a crackling cozy fire in the hearth. [...]

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