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Avoid the rush with a preseason tune up for your furnace.

Summer is coming to a close, but there's still time to enjoy fall before the winter cold settles in. That being said, now is the perfect time to schedule a preseason furnace tune up for your Salt Lake City home. We do our best to service all our customers as quickly as we can, but [...]

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Heating and Cooling Gets Simple

The process of heating and cooling your home in Salt Lake City is a complicated one, and because it controls the comfort level of your home, you’ll know when things aren’t working properly. Take control of your system and get to know your HVAC system. Understanding the ins-and-outs will keep your system running efficiently and [...]

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Repair or Replace: Knob and Tube Electrical Systems Explained

Many homeowners will attempt to make minor changes in their electrical system only to find odd knobs and tubes that are used to hold their wires in place. Many homeowners haven’t heard of knob and tube wiring because it is only found in older home. To give you the gist of it, these ceramic knobs [...]

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Buy One, Not Two: Why Combo Units are the Best Choice in HVAC

Summer is in full swing, and the heat is sweltering. All of a sudden, your A/C is on the fritz, and you need a replacement before you dissolve into a puddle of sweat. Don’t be like other consumers who, out of necessity, rush into the first system they see without appropriately weighing the positives and [...]

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Eight Steps to Follow During a Plumbing Emergency

There she blows — your pipes that is! When you are knee deep in water from leaky pipes, it’s time to call the certified technicians at Action Plumbing for their emergency plumbing services in Salt Lake City. They will know the best approach at tackling the emergency to prevent further damage to your home. In [...]

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Out of the Trenches, and into New Pipes: Trenchless Pipe Repair Explained

Last week, we taught you everything you need to know about drain cleaning, and now you can get ready for drain cleaning part two: pipe repair. The unthinkable happened, and you need your pipes replaced. No, not the indoor pipes, the expensive-to-reach outdoor sewer pipes. If you find yourself in the position of having to [...]

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Clogs, Buildups, and Blockage: What You Need to Know About Drain Cleaning

Let’s face it: there is nothing glamorous about clogged drains and getting them flowing again. Those little balls of discarded buildup and other unmentionables cause rising water in your sinks, tubs, or toilets like the rising embarrassment you feel when the standing water is spotted by an unexpected guest. Brush off that embarrassment and disgust [...]

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Signs of Blocked Ducts

Optimize Your Air Conditioning System As we approach the hottest time of the year, optimize your air conditioning system is efficiently providing adequate cooling makes the difference between a good night’s rest and tossing and turning in puddles of sweat. What are the most common and annoying roadblocks preventing you from attaining your ideal home temperature, you [...]

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Air Conditioners vs. Swamp Coolers

Located in an arid region of Utah at 4,327 feet above sea level, the Salt Lake Valley can easily reach temperatures above 100° F with 0% humidity during the summer months. With an average temperature of 92° F in the summer, air conditioning is a necessity worth investing in. But did you know there are [...]

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The Benefits of Water Filters

The primary goal of any plumber is ensuring safe and clean water for all customers, and Action Plumbing takes this goal seriously. Our water filtration services via reverse osmosis ensure the cleanest possible drinking water in your home. If you are under the impression a water filter is unnecessary, you may not have all the [...]

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