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The Benefits of Water Filters

The Benefits of Water Filters

The primary goal of any plumber is ensuring safe and clean water for all customers, and Action Plumbing takes this goal seriously. Our water filtration services via reverse osmosis ensure the cleanest possible drinking water in your home.

If you are under the impression a water filter is unnecessary, you may not have all the facts. Here are just a few ways water filtration can benefit you and your family.

Clean, Mineral-Rich Water

Our filters attach directly to the water taps in your home and provides you with a constant source of safe, clean, high-nutrient water. It’s imperative that your filter removes any negative elements of water, of course, but of equal importance is they don’t remove several of the more beneficial nutrients found in drinking water. Reverse osmosis is the clear solution to this goal, giving you a crisp product that is never concerning to your health.


Our water filters are extremely affordable, and can replace outside solutions like bottled water. Studies indicate the average person pays up ten times as much per gallon on bottled water compared to the overall cost of a filter.


Easy installation is another perk one of our basic tap water filters — typically not taking more than an hour — requiring no displacement for your family. They eliminate the need for grocery store runs for bottled water or for water delivery services. Similarly, a workplace never again needs a designated employee to stack gigantic jugs of water in the corner every few weeks.

To learn more about this or any of our pluming repair services, speak with one of our experts at Action Plumbing today.

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