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The Benefits of an Early Season Furnace Tune-Up

The Benefits of an Early Season Furnace Tune-Up

This is the season when we often feel most thankful. The year is wrapping up and we look back on where we’ve been and where we’re heading next. We give thanks for family and friends over delicious meals, acknowledge the roofs over our heads, the warmth in our homes, and the health of our families.

Your furnace actually plays quite a large role in this. Without a working furnace, there would be no cozy dinners with loved ones, because everyone would be too cold. There would be no thanks for the shelter we have, because we would all be too concentrated on how chilly it is inside.

This is no pretty picture we painted. But we have an alternative story that may lift your spirits. And it all starts with a furnace tune-up this fall.

The Benefits

To make sure your home stays cozy and inviting all winter long, it’s worth considering a preseason furnace tune-up. This 10-point inspection will reveal any problems that may plague your furnace mid-winter. The Action Plumbing professionals clean, adjust, and inspect your furnace so it works as efficiently as possible.

Validate Your Warranty

Did you know that some extended warranties become void if the system isn’t regularly maintained by a licensed professional? Check your warranty card to ensure you don’t violate this policy. If you’re not sure if your warranty requires regular maintenance, call our team and we’ll give you that answer.

Save Big

You’ll also receive a few benefits because of the time of year. An early season tune-up gives you the best price and the most availability from the Action Plumbing technicians. If you wait until mid-December to have your furnace looked at, you could be in for a longer wait, since that’s the start of the peak HVAC season.

Considering that a brand new furnace unit costs anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000, a $59 furnace tune-up is a pretty swinging deal! Your furnace will receive the best care and attention, and you’ll receive peace of mind knowing that your furnace won’t fail in keeping your family safe and comfortable through the duration of winter.

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  1. Randy October 16, 2016 at 3:14 pm - Reply

    Warranty tip is a gold nugget. Just found out my warranty is good for another winter season. Thanks, great read.

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