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Air Purification Systems in Salt Lake City

Action Plumbing, Heating, and Air installs and services the leading air purification system for homes.

Your HVAC system circulates the air within your home, meaning your indoor air can contain more pollution than the air outside. These pollutants, such as microbes, bacteria, pollen, and dust, can negatively impact your health.

The Air Scrubber from Action works with your HVAC system to neutralize polluted air. Other, single-room systems leave sections of your home exposed to harmful contaminants. Instead, use the option that protects your entire home.

Our indoor air cleaners pass the home’s air through a series of filters. As the air circulates through the filters, it is purified using special UV lights. The air scrubber removes chemicals, gasses, and other harmful particles. Odors are eliminated and dust, pollen, and mold are obliterated.

Air Purification is right for your family if you have issues with:

Action Man
  • Pet Dander

  • Dust mites and mold

  • Dry, itchy skin

  • Irritated eyes, nose, or throat

  • Asthma symptoms

If yes, you may have indoor air pollution in your home, and an air scrubber can help!

You can take further control over the air quality in your home with frequent duct cleaning, humidifiers, and regular tune-ups to your HVAC system. Luckily, Action can help with all your air purification issues! Don’t leave your family unprotected. Find out more information on how to protect your home by calling the team at Action Plumbing, Heating, and Air. We will help you determine if a system is right for your home, and offer you a free quote for installation.