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Do It Yourself – Air Conditioning Maintenance

Do It Yourself – Air Conditioning Maintenance

Naturally, the best time to service your air conditioner is before something happens so as to avoid any major repair issues – just like your car and other items in your home. One of the first things you can do to tune-up your air conditioner is keep it clean. One way to do this is to replace the filter monthly. This will help your A/C run more efficiently and your house will maintain a more regular temperature – thus avoiding high electric bills.

Another way to keep your air conditioner in great working order is to clear the drain regularly as well. Simply get a cap form a hardware store that will fit over the air conditioner drain on the inside of your home. Once that end is capped, use a dry vacuum to suck out any dirt on the outside end of the air conditioner drain. It is also recommended that at least once a year, home-owners hire a proper air conditioning technician to clear the drain with a high pressure vacuum so as to avoid any mold growth in the unit and any water damage to the ceiling and walls.

And, if you are feeling very ambitious, you can even clean the air conditioner coils. Be sure to unplug the unit first before working on your system. Rinse the coils with a garden hose and then, using gloves and safety glasses of some sort, spray commercial air conditioner cleaner on the coils. This cleaner is available from most HVAC suppliers. Let this cleaner set for a little while and then rinse the coils off again with the hose.

Now that you’re air conditioner is all cleaned up and running well, you can rest easy for the next month knowing that your and your family can breathe better, feel cooler and save money on your electric bill.

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