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What is Your Air Conditioner Trying To Tell You?

What is Your Air Conditioner Trying To Tell You?

Spring officially kicks off next week and the temps are rising out there. You’ll be needing your air conditioner sooner rather than later and it’s time to make sure everything is in order. The time has come to ask yourself, “what was my AC trying to tell me at the end of last summer?”


Think back to the warmer months of last year… do you recall a clicking sound? If so, your AC needs some TLC! It’s normal to hear a click when you turn your air conditioner on, but that sound should not repeat. If so, you most likely have an electrical connection issue that needs to be addressed.


This sound is due to either a loose screw, bolt, or fastener. That may seem like a simple fix, but don’t be fooled — you’ll need the help of a professional. (Enter Action experienced technician.) This may also be the result of large leaves and twigs inside your unit. This is common after winter as lot of snowfall can push debris inside the unit.


This is an annoying sound we don’t wish upon anybody! A slight humming is common, but a noticeable and consistent buzzing means something has gone array. You’re most likely facing a loose part or motor problem. This sound always requires professional help, so give Action a call.


Don’t fret, it’s not a snake — just your AC! When you hear this sound, you most likely have a ductwork problem on your hands. This means your air conditioner may have a leak in your ducts, allowing air to escape and make that scary sound. Be aware if this is happening. It can lead refrigerant to simultaneously leak and expose you and your family to dangerous chemicals.


No, this isn’t a happy squeal — it’s a sign you have a problem. Looks like it’s time to readjust your fan belt or more likely replace it all together.

The weather can take a toll on many of your possessions, including your air conditioning unit. The transition from colder months to warmer months isn’t always smooth. But you can get ahead of the game by putting your air conditioner tune-up at the top of your list. It’s better to settle any unresolved issues before the hot months hit — we don’t want you sweating inside your home, too!

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