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4 Signs You May Have a Leak in Your Plumbing

4 Signs You May Have a Leak in Your Plumbing

Many leaks go unnoticed by homeowners for a time before they are addressed and fixed. When you have a leak, your plumbing system may become damaged and you may incur major water bills because of the extra water being used. Since many leaks aren’t so obvious, it is important to be able to recognize the warning signs of a leak that your plumber may be able to nip in the bud. Here are a few to look out for.

  1. Your water bill has gone up.

Monitoring your utilities statement for any odd changes is one reason that it is a good idea to read your monthly water bill. Pay attention if you see any unexplained increases in your bill; this is a sign that you may be losing water somewhere in your plumbing system.

  1. Your water meter ticks continuously.

If you are on a metered water system and you notice that your meter has been ticking without stopping, regardless of whether or not you are actually using water in your home, this is a tell-tale sign of a leak. The toilet could potentially be clogged, the garbage disposal could be out of order or any number of other scenarios could be occurring.

  1. You notice mold and mildew spots.

Leaks are often a major cause of moldy and mildewed spots that may occur on your ceiling, under your sink or near your pipes. Look into the possibility of a leak as soon as you notice strange patches of mold or other overgrowth.

  1. You notice wet areas near toilets, sinks, or showers.

If you see a strange patch of recurring water near a faucet or spout in your home that was not there before, check out the area visually to see if there is any water escaping. Some leaks, however, are too small to be very obvious.

If you notice any of the above giveaway signs of a leak, it may be time to give Action Plumbing a call.

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  1. Lillian Schaeffer August 4, 2016 at 6:07 pm - Reply

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that mold and mildew spots can indicate leaks in your plumbing. I can’t see any mold or mildew growing, but I noticed a musty smell when I was in my basement this morning, and I’m pretty sure it’s mold growing somewhere. I’ll definitely look into having a plumber come and inspect to see if they can find the source of the leak and fix it. Thanks for the great post!

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